The Company
The Naples Trust Company is a division of the Sanibel Captiva Trust Company. We are a state-chartered independent trust company regulated by the Florida Office of Financial Institutions. We provide wealth management services including investment management, trust administration, and financial counseling to individuals, families, businesses, non-profit organizations and endowment funds.
The Naples Trust Company wealth management services are absolute-return oriented, performance-driven, and adhere to a strict philosophy and investment process. Clients' portfolios are separately managed and individually tailored to each client's total return and cash flow requirements. Our investment management services comply with Florida's Prudent Investor Rule (Florida Statues, chapter 518.11).
We are audited by the Florida Office of Financial Institutions. In addition, we are audited by two independent accounting firms each year. We also have a Board Audit Committee, consisting of outside Directors, responsible for reviewing our internal control policies. We maintain a financial insurance bond and trust errors and omissions liability insurance policy.
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